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Browse brandy cocktail recipes a-z

A collection of our favorite classic and contemporary brandy cocktail recipes, gathered from bars around the country and historic drink manuals.

#3 Cup

PDT mastered the Pimm's Cup variation with this throwback to the Brandy-based Pimm's #3.

Apricot Flip

This rich fall flip was created at PDT to celebrate the flavor of apricot liqueur.

Banana Cognac

Created at Death & Co and inspired by Dave Chapelle, what's not to love?

Bird’s Eye View

A spiced and fruity tropical cocktail that is still spirit-forward with the addition of Bourbon.

Bosom Caresser

A spirit-forward flip enhanced by the richness of madeira.

Brandy Crusta

The drink that made brandy famous.

Brandy Melba

A brandy sour from the 70’s featuring raspberry and peach.

Coronation No. 2

A variation on the Fancy Cocktail with a dash of creme de menthe.

Dama de la Noche Crusta

A tropical Sidecar variation from the 1950's.

East India Cocktail

A tropical and aromatic Old-fashioned style drink.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

The perfect summer sangria variation with Brandy Sainte Louise created by Saeed "Hawk" House.

French 75

Did you know this classic drink was originally made with brandy?


A variation on the Bobby Burns cocktail, like a Brandy Manhattan with a dash of Benedictine.

Harvard Cocktail

Simply a brandy Manhattan, but it tastes like a whole new cocktail.

Japanese Cocktail

An Old Fashioned variation with orgeat that showcases the elegance of brandy.

Julien Sorel

A last word variation from Death & Co finished with sparkling wine.

Little Miss Annabelle

A sidecar variation from Death & Co that has a rich mouthfeel with a small amount of sweetener.

Monk's Buck

A sophisticated reworking of the Moscow Mule style of drink.

None but the Brave

A genius combination of rum and brandy, brightened up with ginger and spice.


Sherry and Blackberry make a mouth-watering aromatic and savory combination in this sour.

Prescription Julep

One of the oldest recipes on our site! Juleps were a common cocktail through the mid-twentieth century.

Roman Punch

A single-serving punch from the 1920’s using the classic combination of rum and brandy.

Sade's Taboo

Death & Co's perfect Manhattan style drink with Brandy and cocchi Americano.

Saratoga Brace Up

Dry and strong with a smooth and soft mouthfeel.


Death & Co's absinthe-laced variation on the Diamondback features Brandy instead of Rye.

South Pacific

A super-refreshing sour flavored with pineapple and mint.

Vieux Carre

Exactly what you need when you don't know what you want. And it's always there when you do!

Almond Blossom Crusta

An aromatic and floral sour featuring gin and brandy.

Astor Hotel Special

A dry, sophisticated fizz variation with a healthy dash of absinthe.


A tropical peach and mango-flavored sour from the 1970’s

Black Magic

This Death & Co cocktail flavored with mint and fernet, isn't as harsh as the recipe seems.


A blackberry-flavored sour cocktail that is surprisingly complex.

Brandy Fino

A super-dry, spirit-forward, Manhattan style drink featuring sherry and Drambuie.

Brooklyn Bastard

A bitter and bubble drink that can be classified as tiki or gingery buck.

Corpse Reviver No. 1

A serious Manhattan with the fruity and aromatic finish of aged apple brandy.


A sidecar variation featuring apple brandy.

East India Cocktail No. 2

This 1886 recipe was reborn in the 1930's when pineapple juice was popular.

Fog Cutter

A super-dry, spirit forward cocktail nicknamed the "Long Island Iced Tea of exotic drinks."

French Connection

A simple classic drink from the 1970’s, similar to a Rusty Nail.

Happy Honey Annie

A spirit forward brandy sour featuring grapefruit juice and honey.

Heart-Shaped Box

Brandy highlights the complex, fruit-forward aromatics of this strawberry flavored Death & Co original.

Jerez Flip

An unbelievable decadent, yet dry and spirit-forward, flip with sherry and brandy.

Lawn Tennis Cooler

When you want a full-strength cocktail that tastes like cream soda.


A twist on the Japanese Cocktail.


A bittersweet, yet fruit-forward take on a Manhattan style drink.

Odd McIntyre

A simple classic for the old-fashioned drinker.

Poop Deck Cocktail

This drink is more delicious than the name implies!


A whiskey sour variation with the floral bouquet of brandy.

Romance Cocktail

An old school manhattan style drink with all the trimmings.

Saint Charles Punch

It's no surprise that port and brandy go well together, but this cocktail is surprisingly tropical and refreshing.


The original Sazerac was made with Brandy, only to be replaced with Rye whiskey during the Phyloxera epidemic of the 19th century.

Sir Walter Cocktail

Simple ingredients in perfect balance can create magic in a glass!


Hands down, the best drink to clear your palate and refresh your mind.

Antilles Cocktail

An aromatic spin on the perfect Manahttan.

Banana Bliss

Brandy and high quality banana liqueur are all you need for this surprisingly complex drink.

Between the Sheets

A citrusy and bright Sidecar variation with rum.

Bombay Cocktail No. 2

A perfect Manhattan variation made for fortified wine-lovers.

Brandy Alexander

A classic after-dinner treat.

Brandy Gump

A Jack Rose variation with brandy.

Champs Elysees

A strong, aromatic, and complex brandy sour with Green Chartreuse.

Cuban No. 1

A stone-fruit flavored Sidecar.

Delmonico No. 1

A rich and aromatic brandy drink for Martini lovers.

El Burladero

A slightly rich and bitter old fashioned variation.


A beautifully simple, yet elegant egg-white sour.

French Maid

PDT's Jim Meehan created this brandy riff on Sam Ross's contemporary classic, the Kentucky Maid.

Harry's Pick-Me-Up

A fruity alternative to the French 75.

Imperial Blueberry Fizz

A delicate and aromatic, fresh fruit and sparkling wine cocktail from PDT's Jim Meehan.

Jimmie Roosevelt

A super-dry, herbaceous, and spirit forward sparkling wine cocktail.


A subtle smooth and aromatic drink created at Death & Co, featuring sherry and amaro.

Milk Punch

Perfect after dinner, or any time when you need something rich and decadent.

Night Owl

Did some one gag-gift you a bottle of arrack? Try this Death & Co original and flex your creativity with this unique spirit as a supporting flavor.


A decadently herbal and aromatic old fashioned variation.

Port Authority

Extremely bright, fruity, yet spirit-forward blackberry cocktail from Death & Co.

Real Georgia Mint Julep

Jerry Thomas' original julep recipe is refreshing, fruity, and a great example of the versatility of brandy.

Round Robin

An egg white sour that sings with the electric flavor of absinthe.


Our house recipe is traditional, but easy to play round with if you want to swap ingredients.


You can't go wrong with a sidecar if you have a great brandy to work with.

Solera Sidecar

A riff on the sidecar, featuring sherry, created at Death & Co.

Suffering Bastard

Brandy and gin make great drink mates in this dry and tart favorite.

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