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Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, "7 Reasons Why Brandy's Time Has Come...Finally"


Brandy Sainte Louise

French Brandy

43% ABV


"Blended, aged, and bottled in France. 100% pot still distillation of a high majority of French eaux-de-vie that are supplemented with eaux-de-vie from Italy and Spain. Rich, burnt orange/mahogany color; excellent purity. First inhalations pick up plenty of vibrant grape jam, baked nectarine, kiwi, baked peach, and Danish pastry fragrances that are assertive without being aggressive; allowing for another few minutes of air contact, the aroma opens up even more offering tantalizing, off-dry scents of lemon drop, orange blossom, almond, and clove. Entry is supple, silky, gently sweet, and fruit salad ripe, with tangy background flavors of caramel and fresh honey from the hive; midpalate mirrors the entry phase, featuring now a toasted orchard fruit flavor that's baked, delicately spiced, and caramelized. Finishes long, ripe, balanced, and deeply satisfying. Applications in abundance for neat service in a tulip-shaped wine glass or in a classic brandy cocktail, like the Sidecar or Vieux Carré. A phenomenal value that outshines more than a few young VS and even VSOP cognacs and armagnacs.


Spirit Journal December 2017:

★★★★/Highly Recommended


Difford's Guide: ★★★★1/2

Review and Tasting



Clear, coppery golden amber with burnished copper glints.



Saddle leather, pastry, blackened fruitcake, vanilla fudge, mandarin orange, nutmeg and light clove. 



Sweet fruitcake, leather, caramel, vanilla fudge, toasted almond and prune with zesty orange, light nutmeg and clove spice.


Long finish. Buttery leather, fruitcake, vanilla fudge and clove spice. 


This fruity and beautifully balanced French brandy might lack the depth and complexity of a great cognac, but compare the alcohol strength and price, and you'll be staggered at just how good this brandy is at the price. However, it's not just great value for the money, Brandy Sainte Louise is tasty, with attractive dried fruity, vanilla and leathery caramel delicately invigorated by nutmeg and clove spice. 




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