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Jennifer Querbes

Jacqueline Cooper



Our Spirit
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Brandy Sainte Louise was created at the request of bartenders nationwide who have been searching for a classic, old-world style brandy, with a balanced, fruit-forward flavor profile. In the 19th and 20th centuries, as the Golden Age of Cocktails was gathering steam and bartenders all over the world were authoring the classic compendium we still use today, ugni blanc variety French brandies were world-renowned. Tragically, due to the phylloxora infestation in Europe, prohibition in the US, and World Wars I and II, French brandy was not available domestically, so it was replaced with available spirits such as gin, bourbon, and rye whiskey. In recent times, bartenders have neglected these timeless, brandy-based cocktails due to the limited availability of quality spirits priced for mixing drinks and the relatively high cost of imported French products.


Brandy Sainte Louise is produced in collaboration with a renowned cellar master from Cognac and is comprised primarily of ugni blanc grapes from just outside the Cognac AOC. The traditional, centuries-old French négociant production method of sourcing, aging and blending the highest quality eaux de vie possible utilizes the best of both worlds: production expertise of the cognac region, but without the limitations of the Cognac AOC. The result is an overbuilt French brandy that offers an unmatched quality to price (value) ratio. 


Brandy Sainte Louise is a unique blend of Charentais copper pot distilled eaux-de-vie, aged in French oak between 3 to 10 years in the Cognac region of Charente. The terroir and expertise in this region are legendary and have set the highest standards for brandy production throughout history. 


In regard to age comparison, Brandy Sainte Louise lies between V.S. and X.O., but is offered at a price previously reserved for much more immature brandies that are less balanced in flavor profile. The increased ABV of 43% benefits its function in cocktails, showcasing the flavor and aroma of the Brandy while providing balance and structure for accompanying ingredients.


Available to the US market since 2018, Brandy Sainte Louise represents a classic brandy unmatched in the 21st century in terms value. With our spirit, discerning cocktail professionals and enthusiasts alike can now reopen their vintage cocktail books and craft the finest brandy-based cocktails of the past.

Our Team-Jen

About our team



Jennifer Querbes
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Prior to launching Brandy Sainte Louise in 2018, Jennifer Querbes held manifold positions in the spirits industry— including working on the floor of a distillery, national sales manager for numerous brands, distillery start-up consulting, and just about everything in between. While researching historic 19th and 20th century cocktail recipes as the Global Brand Ambassador for Tempus Fugit Spirits, she was inspired by the overwhelming proportion of early mixed drink recipes that include brandy as the primary base spirit. 


Jennifer leveraged her extensive travel experience in France with her expertise and passion for cognacs and brandies; making it her mission to create a superior spirit -- the type of high quality French brandy that was available decades ago -- at a price point that would allow bartenders to once again offer classic brandy-based cocktails.


Employing the tradition and process of the French brandy négociant, Jennifer began working with a French Cellar Master to achieve her vision. She proposed the challenge of blending the best regional eaux-de-vie of varying ages to produce a rich and balanced quintessential French brandy. Jennifer took her samples cross country, allowing bartenders to review and experiment with the brandy in a vast range of classic cocktail recipes. The final blend and ABV was achieved with the expertise of illustrious bartenders worldwide. 

Our Team-Laura
Jacqueline Cooper


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