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Brandy Sainte Louise is an elegantly harmonious blend of eaux de vie de vin, of a variety of ages, which showcases the true skill, art and tradition of the Cellar Master.

Distilled in traditional Charentais pot stills, this fine Brandy is blended and aged in the Cognac region of France, which carries a rich history of expertise that has defined the highest standards for brandy production in the world. 

Brandy Sainte Louise was developed to fulfill the desires of bartenders and drinkers searching for a classic, fruit-forward brandy crafted in the traditional manner and made popular by the essential and influential brandy-based libations of the late nineteenth century. Brandy Sainte Louise will bestow depth, texture and a marvelous balance of classic fruit structure to your preferred brandy-based cocktails.


"★★★★/Highly Recommended" - Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal 

"★★★★1/2"- Difford's Guide 

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