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Juleps and PUnch

Here you'll find fancy julep style drinks, individual punches, and punch-bowl recipes for groups.

#3 Cup

PDT mastered the Pimm's Cup variation with this throwback to the Brandy-based Pimm's #3.

Real Georgia Mint Julep

Jerry Thomas' original julep recipe is refreshing, fruity, and a great example of the versatility of brandy.


Our house recipe is traditional, but easy to play round with if you want to swap ingredients.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

The perfect summer sangria variation with Brandy Sainte Louise created by Saeed "Hawk" House.

Roman Punch

A single-serving punch from the 1920’s using the classic combination of rum and brandy.

Prescription Julep

One of the oldest recipes on our site! Juleps were a common cocktail through the mid-twentieth century.

Saint Charles Punch

It's no surprise that port and brandy go well together, but this cocktail is surprisingly tropical and refreshing.

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