Flips, fizzes, and Creams

Full-flavored cocktails enriched with eggs or dairy

Apricot Flip

This rich fall flip was created at PDT to celebrate the flavor of apricot liqueur.

Jerez Flip

An unbelievable decadent, yet dry and spirit-forward, flip with sherry and brandy.

Saratoga Brace Up

Dry and strong with a smooth and soft mouthfeel.

Astor Hotel Special

A dry, sophisticated fizz variation with a healthy dash of absinthe.

Lawn Tennis Cooler

When you want a full-strength cocktail that tastes like cream soda.

Bosom Caresser

A spirit-forward flip enhanced by the richness of madeira.

Milk Punch

Perfect after dinner, or any time when you need something rich and decadent.

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