Sour Cocktails

Refreshing cocktails with citrus or fresh fruit, and sometimes egg white- served up or on the rocks.

Almond Blossom Crusta

An aromatic and floral sour featuring gin and brandy.

Bird’s Eye View

A spiced and fruity tropical cocktail that is still spirit-forward with the addition of Bourbon.

Brandy Gump

A Jack Rose variation with brandy.

Cuban No. 1

A stone-fruit flavored Sidecar.

East India Cocktail No. 2

This 1886 recipe was reborn in the 1930's when pineapple juice was popular.

Harry's Pick-Me-Up

A fruity alternative to the French 75.

Odd McIntyre

A simple classic for the old-fashioned drinker.


A whiskey sour variation with the floral bouquet of brandy.

Sir Walter Cocktail

Simple ingredients in perfect balance can create magic in a glass!


A tropical peach and mango-flavored sour from the 1970’s


A blackberry-flavored sour cocktail that is surprisingly complex.

Brandy Melba

A brandy sour from the 70’s featuring raspberry and peach.

Dama de la Noche Crusta

A tropical Sidecar variation from the 1950's.


A beautifully simple, yet elegant egg-white sour.

Heart-Shaped Box

Brandy highlights the complex, fruit-forward aromatics of this strawberry flavored Death & Co original.


Sherry and Blackberry make a mouth-watering aromatic and savory combination in this sour.

Round Robin

An egg white sour that sings with the electric flavor of absinthe.

Solera Sidecar

A riff on the sidecar, featuring sherry, created at Death & Co.

Between the Sheets

A citrusy and bright Sidecar variation with rum.

Brandy Crusta

The drink that made brandy famous.

Champs Elysees

A strong, aromatic, and complex brandy sour with Green Chartreuse.


A sidecar variation featuring apple brandy.

Happy Honey Annie

A spirit forward brandy sour featuring grapefruit juice and honey.

Little Miss Annabelle

A sidecar variation from Death & Co that has a rich mouthfeel with a small amount of sweetener.

Port Authority

Extremely bright, fruity, yet spirit-forward blackberry cocktail from Death & Co.


You can't go wrong with a sidecar if you have a great brandy to work with.

South Pacific

A super-refreshing sour flavored with pineapple and mint.